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Technologies and business areas of STX Aero Service

Aircraft Acquisition
(Purchase / Lease)

Acquiring an aircraft that meets your needs and minimizes your risk is time-consuming, complicated, and requires professional staffs. Based on our global network and technical know-how, STX Aero Service provides technical support for all required processes for the acquisition of aircraft as follows:

  • Meet customer’s requirement, budget, aircraft type and option specification
  • Inspect physical & document records of used aircraft
  • Meet operational & financial requirements
  • Optimization of repair & alteration
  • Technical Advisory Service on aircraft acquisition

Aircraft Transition
(Sales / Handback / Re-delivery)

STX Aero Service provides cost-effective technical support for all processes involved in Aircraft Transition(Sales / Handback / Re-delivery) on behalf of the customer.

  • Inspect and Valuate physical & document condition of aircraft / Select buyer
  • Analysis transition condition
  • Meet operational & financial requirements
  • Airworthiness Certificate Inspection
  • Acquire Airworthiness Certificate
  • Technical Advisory Service on aircraft transition

Maintenance Program &
Optimization Service

STX Aero Service provides comprehensive technical support services for efficient continuing airworthiness management as required by many aviation authorities is aimed at improving flight safety. In addition, our technical support service help to minimize airline operating and maintenance costs.

  • Development and control of a suitable maintenance program
  • Development, Revision, and Optimization of Maintenance Manual
  • Management of Aircraft Operation and Maintenance History
  • Analysis of Aircraft Defects and Reliability Management / MEL Development, Revision, and Optimization

Repair and Alteration
Management Service

STX Aero Service helps customers maintaining aircrafts in the best condition for transition through our Repair/Alteration Management know-how. In addition, we provide technical supports for repair, alteration, specification change of aircrafts and components.

  • Aircraft Repair/Alteration Technical Support
  • Engineering Authorization / Order Release
  • Engineering Policy/Standard Establishment
  • Repair/Alteration Status and Overall History Management
  • Aircraft Transition Support

Manual and Documents
Handling Service

STX Aero Service provides technical supports of documents released by manufacturers / Airworthiness Authorities. Therefore, our customers can effectively focus on the rest of maintenance tasks.

  • Securing Manufacturer / Airworthiness Authority Documents
  • Customer's Effectivity, Effect Analysis / Priority, Execution, Engineering Order Release
  • Technical Data Revision Check and Management

Manufacturing Certification Service

Aircraft parts are a small quantity with batch production, and the price is very high because It is a producer-oriented market. Nevertheless, only a small number of developed countries dominate the aviation parts market, keeping entry barriers high. Therefore, STX Aero Service utilizes the company’s global network to provide the following part manufacturing technical support to enable existing/new companies to enter the aviation parts manufacturing industry at the minimum cost:

  • (STC) Technical Support
  • (TSO) Technical Support
  • (PMA) Technical Support
  • Owner / Operator Production Technical Support

Arrangement of International
Technical Cooperation

STX Aero Service is a strategic partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and utilizes the geographical and economic benefits of Incheon International Airport, forming an extensive global network of aviation in countries around the world. Based on that, we help customers meeting global standard and entering global aviation market with our International Technical Support Service.

  • Manufacturer Network (Boeing/Airbus/OEM)
  • Organization Network (IATA/AAPA)
  • Airline/MRO Network
  • Airline/MRO Network
  • Global Standard/Criteria Optimization
  • Entering Global Market

Arrangement of Industry Academy
Technical Cooperation

STX Aero Service helps to effectively utilizes academia research and knowledge to the industry. On the contrary, we support Industrial-Academic cooperation to achieve technological innovation and productivity enhancement through the R&D and support of academia for the development of technologies as required by business.

Our company will be a channel of human and material interchanges between academia and industry and further the government and various fields, activating industrial-academic cooperation, to contribute to The specialization of the national aviation industry.

  • Joint Research of Industry & Academy, Technical Consultation, Information Exchange Support
  • Government-Funded Industrial-Academic Research and Development Projects