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First high-end aviation MRO service provider backed by engineering R & D in Korea.

Technology-intensive MRO company utilizing the global aviation network

With Tech, To the Sky, Go Global

STX Aero Service continues to challenge and innovate as a 'R&D Based, High-End MRO' company under the economical benefits and the strength of the Global Aviation Network of Incheon International Airport, which has grown into a Global Hub Airport.

The aviation industry is becoming subdivided, and safety standards are getting tighter. In response, STX Aero Service aims to meet the national policy for fostering the aviation industry and contribute to the creation of high value-added jobs by expanding the base of maintenance and manufacturing technologies. In addition, by providing a high quality MRO services to domestic and foreign airlines, we will maximize synergy through cooperation, not competition or territorial disputes with existing airlines and maintenance companies.

Based on engineering management service and line maintenance, STX Aero Service aims to provide component maintenance and landing gear services which have heavy dependence on foreign countries.

We will contribute to the national economy by reducing the outflow of national wealth along with continuous improvement of domestic maintenance technology. Thank you again for your support and trust.


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