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component & landing gear

Technologies and business areas of STX Aero Service


Component Maintenance /
Material Support Service

STX Aero Service utilizes our global network to provide a wide range of Component Maintenance / Material Support services. This ensures efficient and economical parts / material provision to the customer.

  • Import / Sales / Repair / Alteration / High-value parts Leasing (long/short-term) / Pool arrangement
  • Simple/low-cost parts
  • Complex/High-Value parts

Cabin Emergency Parts
Sales / Purchase / Mock-up Production

STX Aero Service provides fully functioning Cabin Emergency Parts Sales / Purchase and Mock-up production service for domestic airlines and cabin crew academia.

  • Flash Light
  • Asbestos Gloves , Crash Axe
  • Oxygen Mask, Bottle
  • Portable Emergency Locator Transmitter
  • Life Vest, Seat Belt
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Portable Breathing Equipment
  • Megaphone
  • EMK, FAK, Anne, AED
  • Life Raft, Escape Slide


Total-Care Service

STX Aero Service provides Total-Care Services for aircraft landing gear. This enables customer to experience more economical and reliable services than other service providers. With support for the life cycle of all parts, the supply chain can be simplified to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and maintain high quality and safety until aircraft transition.

  • Landing Gear Maintenance (Inspection / Repair / Overhaul)
  • Landing Gear Replacement
  • L/G, Spare Parts Lease and Pool arrangement
  • Technical Support (Life Cycle, Record, Document management)
  • Efficient, Economical Aircraft Transition

LLP Back to Birth Management (Future Plan)

Aircraft landing gear has a life limit, managing full traceability is a legal requirement and a key indicator of the value of the landing gear. Through LLP BTB Traceability Management, STX Aero Service provides customers with a transparent history of life cycle, overhaul, and more, enabling efficient maintenance and operation of customer's landing gear.

In addition, our precise documentation service provides accurate records of the remaining life and airworthiness of the landing gear, which adds value to the aircraft's delivery to ensure smooth and economical sale/return.

  • LLP Back to Birth Traceability Management
    • Cycle / Life Management
    • Landing gear (Movement History) Management
    • Document Management
  • Increase Maintenance & Operation Economic / Reliability
  • Increase Aircraft Value / Satisfy Aircraft Transition Requirement