• Aircraft
  • Aircraft
  • Maintenance
  • Repair&Alteration
  • Document
  • Manufacturing
  • International
Aircraft Acquisition (Purchase / Lease)

  • Meet customer’s requirement and option specification
  • Inspect physical & document records of used aircraft
  • Meet operational Optimization of repair & alteration
  • Technical Advisory Service on aircraft acquisition
Aircraft Transition (Sales / Handback / Re-delivery)

  • Inspect and Valuate physical & document condition of aircraft
  • Analysis transition condition / Meet operational
  • Airworthiness Certificate Inspection / Acquire Airworthiness Certificate
  • Technical Advisory Service on aircraft transition
Maintenance Program & Optimization Service

  • Development and control of a suitable maintenance program
  • Development, Revision, and Optimization of Maintenance Manual
  • Management of Aircraft Operation and Maintenance History
  • Analysis of Aircraft Defects and Reliability Management
         MEL Development, Revision, and Optimization)
Repair and Alteration Management Service

  • Aircraft Repair/Alteration Technical Support /   Engineering Authorization
        / Order Release /   Engineering Policy/Standard Establishment

  • Repair/Alteration Status and Overall History Management
         /   Aircraft Transition Support
Manual and Documents Handling Service

  • Securing Manufacturer / Airworthiness Authority Documents
  • Customer's Effectivity, Effect Analysis / Priority, Execution,
         Engineering Order Release
  • Technical Data Revision Check and Management
Manufacturing Certification Service

  • STC Technical Support
  • TSO Technical Support
  • PMA Technical Support
  • Owner / Operator Production Technical Support
International & Industry Academy Cooperation
  • Manufacturer Network (Boeing/Airbus/OEM)
  • Organization Network (IATA/AAPA)
  • Airline/MRO Network
  • Entering Global Market & Globalization
  • Joint Research of Industry & Academy, Technical Consultation,
         Information Exchange Support
  • Government-Funded Industrial-Academic Research and Development Projects